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Anyone that knows me knows I've been trying to get out to California for just about all my life. Throughout that time one thing or another has presented itself as a road block preventing that from happening. A lot of tough decisions were made but I'm proud to say that after about 15 years of really trying to accomplish that thing it has finally happened. "The Wife Person" and I quit our respective jobs, packed up and set out to make a dream come true ( I love you wife person). Fast forward my portfolio has been updated ( and I'm working on another update), resume sharpened and I've researched my industry of interest. In other words I've never felt so ready. I've put 3 years of work toward projects I hope I can reveal by the end of the year, I've begun working in the industry I love and I'm out in California. This transition would not have been this encouraging if I didn't get tips advice and support from some really kind professionals. A couple in particular went far beyond your average assistance and I'm forever grateful you know who you guys are. On another note and purely coincidental here are some artist I think you should definitely, definitely, definitely check out, if you're not already doing so,  :iconjusdog: :iconshaunoneil: :iconkonjur: :iconrickmorales: .
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Chris Copelands' got a sketch book coming out that is gonna be a must have for artist of all kinds.… This guy is doing amazing stuff in the industy and I can't wait to see what he puts out there support this goodness.
Wow. It's been a long time since I updated this thing. ALOOOOT has happened in the past couple years I mean ALOOOOT. Through it all I maintained and stayed drawing working on improving every day and produced a lot of line work cause I was not in front of a computer unfortunately.... Oh and I got Married. More artwork soon to come as I get caught up on my Digital work ( I lost every original file I had for the last 10 years) and other content I'm trying to put together. Here's a very interesting video I stumbled across regarding :iconleseanthomas: while attempting to find something to listen to on YouTube…
Speak on it my dude.
And he makes some good points in there.
I was cruising through :iconzano: 's gallery and came across a Bravestarr pic that he'd done which got me on you tube which got me looking at all those old 80's intros and wow after more then 25 years Thundercats still rocks.…

Just thought I'd put that out there.

Animation produced by Topcraft, a group who would later go on to form Studio Ghibli
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These past few months have been hectic. Basically I was homeless, lost my job, and haven't painted anything in about a month and a half. I have been drawing almost every day but could only get in front of a computer at the local library or a friends house. I have finally gotten settled in and I'm shaking off the photoshop cobwebs.So I got a few spaces open for commissions. Yeah I need this.

Single character head to toe or bust
$10 sketches the first one is pretty tight don't expect them all to be like that

Single character simple bg
$20 Colors(applies to me on colors)  Colors plus lines $30

You can note me if you want stuff other than this and we can work something out.

Also to those of you who had commissions waiting I'm getting them done and sorry for the long wait. 2010 is nuts so far.
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  • Reading: Animators Survival Kit,...still
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I'm gonna rap up this last commission for :iconhallspace: of his beautiful characters and then I'm freed up for some more stuffs.

Single character head to toe or bust
$10 sketches the first one is pretty tight don't expect them all to be like that

Single character simple bg
$20 Colors(applies to me on colors) plus lines $30

You can note me if you want stuff other than this and we can work something out.
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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 17, 2010, 9:13 PM

I need to pay rent so I am officially open for commissions. First come first serve.

Single character head to toe or bust
$10 sketches the first one is pretty tight don't expect them all to be like that
Young and tired by jets

Tooth and Fang by jets

Single character simple bg
$20 Colors
One Piece: Domino by jets

Take a shot by jets

DJ Shwann by Kodi Enetanya by Shwann

Act fast these prices will change. Upon completion let me know if you want them posted in my DA account.

You can note me for anything else.

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  • Playing: You don't wanna know
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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2009, 9:45 PM

I'm listening to Howard the Ducks OST's f*king awesome. How wasn't this movie a smash hit. Funny that George Lucas produced but I digress. What's wrong with people when a movie like Howard the muth@hfuckin duck can't get any love? With cutting edge special fx, an awesome soundtrack and a super talented cast this movie should have been EPIC...EHHHHHHH...PIC.

"When this worlds to big to take on your shoulders feels like love is in vein. You can brake down in my arms baby, but it really hurts when you turn away"…

This song is gonna be played FOREVER!

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  • Listening to: Doors opening
  • Reading: expiration dates
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: You don't wanna know
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This year has been crazy for me. Artistically it has been so strange trying to get "it" there. I just got a new nib for my tablet after 8 loooooooong years.... wow. I've been using CS exclusively for my illos and I got my method down. I gotta get crazy with it now. Hopefully you'll see what I'm talking about. Stuff in the works that I am lovin too. The book will come but it's on a creative hiatus for maybe about a month.

Keeping it short and sweet peace. Oh yeah and if you need commissions let me know.
  • Listening to: Doors opening
  • Reading: expiration dates
  • Watching: Burn Notice
  • Playing: You don't wanna know
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Right as I was gettting ready to post a journal for him I come to find out that he's already won. :iconkonjur:Congratulations my man. Sorry I didn't finish in time. Great win though. I can't wait to see where the story goes.
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Finally feel like I have just about everthing situated. Feel comfortable with painting just gotta get the whole mesh and feel for it down and I think I'll be on to something. For those who want to know I'm developing a book. A creator owned project tagged as "Legends" for now. I've been working on it for about 2 years and have all the main characters basically fleshed out. The tough part is the storytelling. I think I'm really on to something, so I'm taking my time. I'll let you all know as things progress with sketches and illustrations ( there will be alot of them).

I'll leave you with a nice little quote.

"Shading isn't drawing, and it isn't realism"
-Richard Williams
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The winner is :iconbacklashcbd:

I'm surprised that I've even got to this point. I love DA and the networking possibilities here thanks y'all

Okay so just give some time to get the ball rolling and I'll bang out some cool sh*t. Also I might be doing some other sketches or illos just for fun. I've noted those I've considered. Thanks for looks people.
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It is finally time for me to get down with this Kiriban thing. I know it's really close to the 30,000 mark but I had thought I'd already passed it.

Prize: The winner will recieve an illustration of any character they would like to see so if you do win feel free to throw out suggestion and maybe even get creative. Though I don't think I'll be doing anything too drastic but I love hearing ideas.

Rules: The person who nabs a screen cap of the 30,000 mark wins. PLEASE NO CHEATING. Let me find out and I'll whoop that ass verbally.


   I want a  full screenshot of your entire screen (just paste it from the print screen, don't crop it I'll take it all)

The screenshot must show the 30,000 pageview with absolutely no changes

First one to send me a note through DA with a link to the screenshot wins


Transformers was f*cking sick I wanted to see it again right after I watched it the first time. I am so glad I avoided all the trailers for it and just decided to watch this bad boy. Shila Lebuf was funny as hell ,the direction was great and the story wasnt too distracting. I LOVED IT. Thanks to Richard for letting me tag along and buying my broke ass a ticket.

I might be doing a commission thing here real soon so if you anyones interested just hit me up and I'll let you know my availability.

I'm trying to finish a bunch of images I started months ago and get done with some collabs. I've really been sluffing lately. DA has the coolest group of artist I've met just about anywhere online and I look forward to networking with ya'll.

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It's been so long since I've updated this thing that I almot forgot how. Okay ,I only recently got my computer up and running again so I've been on it like a madman. Coloring anything I can get my hands on and scanning random bullsh*t. But it is so strange being able to work on painter and photoshop I find myself not able to sleep for too long. It seems that things have changed so much within this art community, the progression is ridiculous. I feel like a rookie.

I've been trying to collab with some people that I consider to be cool ass artist online just as favors and to keep my tablet warm. To those of you that got something coming please be patient. It's all about quality control. I don't wanna burn out doing someone a favor and have the art suffer on my side.

Journals are kinda fun.
Just wanted to update my Journal, figured it was about time. I'll be posting a bunch of new ish soon. Just trying to get some colors finished up and some more pencils down for my portfolio. I think I may start doing some canvas work soon may even sell em if they turn out any good.
Oh yeah! In case you havent heard, there's a new website coming that I'm gonna be a part of. Satellite Soda. Tha cast members feature a whole slew of super talented artists. That you can check out here.:icondaveigo::iconjimmyjoejoe-::iconshanelong::iconjerevin-id::iconsam-m::icontehfaz::iconskmonteiro::iconn8b::iconcreonfr:
Other members not on Deviant art
Ion_one good friend of mine. Lots of style and creativity to boot. Got me hip to this whole thing.

David (D_Murdoch) is the one who won the Nightcrawler contest over at and is known for his Sam Kieth/Kaare Andrews influenced work. He's just too good.

Daniel (PeZ) is a great colorist. He doesnt have a site but a piece he's recently done is the Spawn/Garrison colored piece that can be found here: AWESOME COLORING SKILLS!

Chuck Collins (Olokun360) is a stellar animator and character designer that can draw bannana dredlocks like it's nobodies business. He's the lucky boyfriend of Afua... yah, we're working on that...

Got to commend:iconjimmyjoejoe-:on his great webdesign.

Expect to see all kinds of collabo's in the near future. This is the start of something incredible!!